Useful Towel Has a Couple of Uses

useful_towelThe trouble with most kitchen towels is that they are just not good at multi-tasking (aside from the fact that they can be used to wipe dishes and double as a pot-holder when required). This one does all that and features a bunch of handy conversions and even a few conversions that you probably don’t need.

Price: $22 [Oh Gizmo]


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  • Robitj

    22 dollars? Multi tasking for a towel? Bit of a stretch. Why not call it a weather instrument also as in, if it’s wet, it’s raining and if it’s moving, it’s windy.
    Get yourself a three pack of towels at Wally World for 4 or 5 bucks and print a list of conversions off the ol Internet (wild may not need to know the Peck to Bushels one). Save eighteen dollars and take yourself to Cold Stone for a cold one…ice cream that is.


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