Chum Buddy: Shark Sleeping Bag / Stuffed Toy The Stuff Cute Nightmares Are Made Of

This shark sleeping bag / stuffed toy might sound scary but it looks extremely cute. It is the work of designer Kendra Phillips and you can actually buy one, they cost $200.

From the designer:

It’s a sleeping bag! It’s a stuffed toy! IT’S A SHARK! In an effort to make sharks (a very misunderstood animal that also happens to be one of my favorites) more cuddly, I designed and produced a prototype for the ChumBuddy. This 7 foot monster plush was 100% hand sewn (sewing machines hate me) from fleece and felt & contains about 30 lbs of poly-fill.

Price: $270 (A small price to pay for seven feet of hand sewn awesomeness)


About the author: C. S. Magor


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    It’s a sleeping bag! It’s a stuffed toy!


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