Photo Studio Cruzer Protects Your Laptop and DSLR From Your Harder-core Adventures

I understand that people have mixed feelings about using rugged cases for their gear. They are expensive, tend to be a fair bit heavier and are not exactly made for breezing through security checkpoints. The fact is that 99% of the time they are not going to be doing you any favors.

On the other hand that 1% of the time that they do come in handy could save you a whole lot of money. The PSC200 by CaseCruzer comes with custom foam cut outs for 15″ and 17″ Apple Mac Books (as long as your laptop is under 17″ you should be able to make it fit). The injection-molded “ultra high-strength ‘polypropylene copolymer resin” exterior is waterproof and corrosion resistant and makes for a nice contrast to the spacious, foam padded interior. The laptop sits up top, DSLR and associated lenses and accessories sit down below.

At $240 it is not what I would call a cheap case, but it is not all that expensive either – and this thing looks like it would stand up to a capsizing kayak, or if necessary, a small war.

Price: $240 [Chip Chick]


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