Let There Be Nerdy Light (From Voice Activated Flashlight Wands)

These Harry Potter – themed flashlight wands (or are they wand flashlights) could quite possibly the nerdiest portable lighting solution that I have ever seen.

Say “Lumos” to turn them on and “Nox” to turn them off – there is not much more to it than that. That they use AAAs is something of a deal breaker for me – but if you are a die-hard Potter fan I am sure that wouldn’t be too much of an inconvenience.

Harry Potter Voice-Activated Wand Flashlight

  • Listens to your voice and turns on and off when the proper spell is spoken.
  • Record your own voice command.
  • Say “Lumos” to activate and “Nox” to deactivate – or pick any sound command of your choice.
  • Matches your spoken commands to your recorded commands, which means your wand will only listen to you!
  • Available in Harry and Hermione wand styles.
  • Batteries: 3 AAA (not included).
  • Dimensions:11″ long.

Price: Available in Harry and Hermione flavors for $15.99 a piece.

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