Billiards and Bowling Together at Last [Knokkers]

Despite the hilarious double entendre of the name, Knokkers looks like it could be a fair bit of fun. Former semi-pro football player and cage fighter Steve Wienecke built the first playable version in his backyard in Fredericktown, Missouri using loads of railway ties, gravel and of course concrete.

It’s basically played like 8-ball except that you are the cue. You are allowed to move the cue ball (you’ve got to in order to pick it up), but once it’s in your hands you are not allowed to move your feet. At the moment Steve is working on a more portable version of the game and is looking into different options for the 6-pound balls (as they need to be able to stand up to some punishment).

Personally I am all for backyard games that can be enjoyed over a few beers – and not upsetting former cage fighters – so I think it sounds great. [Knokkers via Oh Gizmo]


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