Humorous parking tickets let you share your pain with obnoxious parkers

If you are looking for a passive aggressive way to express your dissatisfaction with someone’s parking, look no further than this booklet of obnoxious fake parking tickets. Personally, I am middle-aged, intolerant of stupidity and thus am inclined to take the direct approach of telling a person that I’ve never met that their parking is making life miserable for other people.

If you are not quite there yet (or are a nicer person than I) then you could try some of these. The messages in your little booklet of tickets include the following:

  1. Go to a mechanic. Your steering’s off.
  2. This parking job violates the law. Of physics.
  3. Did you park like this or was there an earthquake?
  4. Couldn’t decide which space to park in, huh?
  5. Your car isn’t nice enough to park in two spots.
  6. I used to park like this. Then I turned 6.
  7. Is your name Katrina? Because this parking job’s a disaster.
  8. I would’ve flipped you the bird, but this fits my mousey personality much better.
  9. If parking were a game of chess, you’d lose.
  10. You’re a space hog.
  11. Did you park this or land this?
  12. Maybe a GPS system could’ve helped you find the middle of this parking spot.
  13. It was either this, or put a crowbar through your window.
  14. The way you pulled in makes me wish your dad would’ve pulled out.
  15. Didn’t know it was “National Let Your Child Drive You to Work Day.”
  16. Double parking hints at something deeper.
  17. Parking isn’t your thing. Stick to drive-thrus.
  18. Hope you’re better between the sheets than you are between the lines.
  19. Apparently you have boundary issues.
  20. Aliens searching for intelligent life would see your parking job and leave.

Price: $6.95


About the author: C. S. Magor


C.S. Magor is the editor-in-chief and reporter at large for Uberreview and We Interrupt. He currently resides in a sleepy basin town in the Japanese countryside - where both his bank balance and the lack of space in his home are testament to his addiction to all things shiny.

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