New Razor Scooters Seem To Be Sending the Wrong Message

I acquired a Razor scooter once, I didn’t buy it, I inherited it from another tenant of a house that I lived in. Anyway, that was around ten years ago, back when Razor was raking in the big bucks. These days they have a few competitors and to try to stay ahead of the game they have taken to using gimmicks. The thing is that these gimmicks seem like they might not be all that appropriate for kids.

Take their “Graffiti scooter” – it has a “scribbler” attached to the back that lets young riders draw a set of parallel chalk lines behind them on their way down the road… and their eSpark has a spark bar that leaves a short trail of sparks in its wake (ensuring its illegality in Australia and probably hurting its chances in California as well).

Anyway, back to the scooter side of things, an 8-hour charge gets you 40 minutes of inappropriate fun at a top speed of 10mph.

Price: $59.99 for the Graffiti; $179.99 for the eSpark [Oh Gizmo]


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