Eugene Mirman vs. Time Warner Cable


This is actually what Eugene Mirman looks like in real life. No kidding.

Anybody living in New York City knows that Time Warner Cable more or less has a monopoly on the home phone, internet and cable service franchise, a fact that they seem to rub in customers’ faces by rescheduling installation and service appointments willy-nilly, often at the most inconvenient times possible (because our work schedules revolve around our in-home entertainment, right?) and usually people put up with it at best whining on review sites like Yelp.

But Eugene Mirman wasn’t going to take it anymore.

So, in epic fashion, Mirman took out a full-page ad in both the New York Press and Greenpoint Gazette, utterly annihilating the service provider’s credibility to a wide readership.  Drawing comparisons to Soviet Russia, Jeffrey Dahmer and Ayn Rand’s dystopic vision of America, the scathing letter hopefully draws enough attention and ire that alternate providers (who work with customers’ schedules, not around them) take advantage of the situation in full.  If you watch the video on the source article, you might recognize Mirman’s voice: He plays Bob’s son on the FOX animated comedy Bob’s Burgers.  [Source; Image]

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