New Birth Control Treatment For Men is Believed to Be 100% Effective for 10 Years, With a Small Catch

When it comes to birth control, men have not historically had all that many non-permanent options – now that looks to change thanks to a little injection called RISUG (reversible inhibition of sperm under guidance). Two small RISUG injections have been shown to be 100% effective for preventing pregnancy for a minimum of 10 years and the treatment is side effect-free and completely reversible with a few more injections.

The thing that makes RISUG so effective is that it is not a drug, it’s a polymer – a positively-charged polymer to be precise. Sperm, you see, are negatively charged – so when they travel past the polymer as they pass through the vas deferens – they get zapped. Obviously the catch is that the polymer must be injected into the vas deferens via the scrotum – but the 15-minute procedure is probably a lot less painful than it sounds… and much less painful than childbirth.

Phase III trials are currently underway in India and moves are underway to get the treatment approved in the United States. [RISUG via Dvice]


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