Chinese counterfeiters kick it up a notch with fake Apple stores

If you go into an Apple store you can be pretty confident that you’re going to get Apple products, right? Not so, each seems, if you live in Kunming, China. The blog BirdAbroad reports that several counterfeit Apple stores have opened in the city.

Like most counterfeit enterprises there are a few details to give the game away – the little things, if you will.

The report noted that: “The name tags around the necks of the friendly salespeople didn’t actually have names on them – just an Apple logo and the anonymous designation “Staff.””

The author of the above mentioned article also suggested that although the store was well laid out, some of the appointments seemed to be a little sub par for an Apple establishment: the staircase was poor quality and the paint job wasn’t quite up to scratch. She went on to add that the store’s own staff seem unaware of the ruse, claiming that they “all genuinely think they work for Apple.”

Granted, this could all be a self serving cry for attention on the part of the article’s writer, but it does seem plausible. After all, what better way is there to lend your phony goods an air of legitimacy than selling them in a branded establishment. As for the employees, keeping them in the dark makes perfect sense too – remember the old adage: “It’s not a lie if you believe it.” And you don’t really think that Steve Jobs would let them misspell “store” on one of his shop fronts, do you?

[Bird Abroad via Apple Insider]


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