Solar panel bikini provides 5v of USB power to your devices

Andrew Schneider, a fashion designer, who easily wins the award for having the worst looking bio page in the history of the Internet, has designed an innovative bikini that is basically made of flexible solar panels. The bikini, comes with a USB plug and allows you to keep your iPod, or any other device that can be charged by USB.

Naturally, who says bikini, says bikini model, pictured above. If you look really closely at the bikini itself, it looks like it’s made of normal fabric, overlaid with a thin layer of electronics. The suit, which is supposed to be waterproof (we hope), is designed with a regulator to only give 5v output at the USB plug. It’s available for just under 200$ but I’m not sure wearing solar panels to the beach is entirely a good idea. Think about it, would you not then be tempted to simply walk into the ocean with your entirely not waterproof iPod still attached to it?

It’s a pretty good idea, but I still think it might be better to just make a parasol, with a solar panel array on it, and a USB plug at the middle of the mast. I’ve looked for one on the Internet but all I could find are idiotic solar LED parasols that have embedded batteries and act like ordinary solar garden lights. Oh, and also this.

Anyone interested in a startup company? Given the potential surface area of a parasol we could even power a small USB refrigerator.


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