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For the sixth year in a row, we proudly present the 13 coolest toys on the planet. If you are looking for a toy for that special kid of any age on your Xmas list, any toy featured below in our 2011 edition will make you an instant favorite in their eyes.

The Ride On Water Shooting Fire Truck

This very cool ride-on fire truck has a working water hose. The truck’s swiveling water cannon is supplied by a 1-gallon tank and the water can be streamed up to 10 feet away by pumping the handle. The truck runs forward and reverse at 2 1/2 mph (or 5 mph when unlocked by a parent). It has a flashing light bar, a working siren that plays two patterns and a push-button handset microphone with built-in speaker. The battery provides up to one hour of operation from an initial 18-hour charge (12-hour thereafter). The truck seats two children of up to 130 lbs in weight.

Price: $500

Doodle Track

With the Doodle Track, draw the track and the race car will follow automatically. All you need is a black marker and the sky is the limit! “The Doodle-Track Car is more than just a race set. It’s a craft activity that encourages children to be creative!”

Price: $15
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LEGO Digital Camera

Kids love Lego and they also love playing with cameras. When you combine the 2 together you have one cool toy! It features a color 1.5” LCD screen, built-in flash and fixed focus.

This totally functional 3 megapixel digital camera is built out of red, yellow, green and blue LEGO bricks and can be built in to your existing LEGO structures. Blind the invaders with the integrated flash, download the photo to your castle’s security office via USB cable, and then print out a picture of the invaders’ arrow-perforated bodies to hang up as a deterrent to future invaders. Your LEGO castle means business.


iPhone/ iPad / iTouch Controlled RC Helicopter iCopter

Remote control helicopters are cool on their own but having the ability to control the RC Helicopter with your iPhone (or iPod & iPad) takes it to the next level.

This Brand New 3 Channel mini rc helicopter is the world’s newest, most durable and stable helicopter. The item comes with the latest gyro system for precision control. The metal frame has proven to withstand dozens of crashes. The mini helicopter charges directly from the controller which uses “AA” batteries and has a full-function trim control for the perfect flight. Get one today before they all fly away!

Price: $59.99

NERF Longstrike Sniper Rifle

The NERF Longstrike Sniper Rifle is the longest NERF gun ever – at 3 feet long. When you walk the halls at work with this over your shoulder (or, heck, you can even use it as a walking stick), no one will talk back to you. But does it shoot well? Well, let’s just say when you snipe someone 35 feet away and they spin only to find themselves looking down three feet of NERF justice, you’ll agree with us – it sure does!

Price: $50

I Am T-Pain Mic

I included the I am T-Pain Mic because my kids have one and they love it.

Experience the pop culture phenomenon of the T-Pain Effect™ with the I Am T-Pain™ Mic. Transform your voice into T-Pain’s style of singing with a press of a button. Sing to your favorite tracks, freestyle over exclusive beats, and upload beats from your computer to the mic. Record, save and share online with friends.

Price: $45

The Working Pedal Powered Forklift

This is the pedal-powered, ride-on version of a Linde 394 forklift that raises and lowers at its driver’s command. Made in Germany, its lifting fork is raised by turning a hand crank and held into place with a locking lever, tilting slightly backward to keep an included plastic 6 1/2 lb.-capacity pallet stable, just like a real forklift. Pedals power the forklift forward and backwards with a precisely engineered chain drive, its integrated eccentric keeps the chain taut for efficient power transfer to the rear axle. The four plastic tires have rubber traction strips. Its squat, robust chassis is made from sturdy ABS plastic while its axles, steering rod, and pedals are made from durable steel. Its seat adjusts to a rider’s height (maximum height of 55″) and locks into place to keep children safe while riding

Price: $319

Angry Birds: Knock on Wood Game

Now your kids can play Angry Birds without hogging your phone.

Play your favorite app game in real life with the Angry Birds: Knock on Wood Game! The age-old battle between Angry Birds and the egg-stealing pigs continues, and the birds will have their revenge. Draw cards, build castles, and knock them down in this hands-on version of the touchscreen hit. First one to 100 points wins!

Price: 19.99

The Children’s DJ Station

Turn your child into an instant hipster with their very own DJ station.

This is the electronic sound effects mat that lets children manipulate music and sounds like a real DJ. The mat can be used by itself for a chorus of dance party sound effects, or young disc jockeys can attach an MP3 player through the audio-in port so they can accompany favorite tunes. An integral turntable plays the iconic “scratching” that can overlay the tones played by the multifunctional keyboard. Eight preprogrammed rhythm buttons provide background beats in styles from hip hop to Caribbean, and DJs can add their own tom-tom, snare and cymbal sounds with the four drum buttons. The nearly two octaves of piano keys play notes in the style of eight instruments, such as trumpet, piano, guitar and saxophone. An included headset microphone gives children a chance to practice their DJ patter or sing along with their creations.

Price: $50

Lazer Stunt Chaser

1:32 scale, up to 40′ control range and over 300mph scale speed. Perform mind boggling flips and stunts or race them. Car chases after the light projected from the remote control with amazing speed, agility and control. The ultra cool light up wheels change color when dual sided car turns over. Each set includes a dragonfire with built in rechargeable battery, battery deck charger, wireless infrared remote control, stunt ramp and instruction guide.

Price: $52

Crayola’s Trace & Draw

This toy looks awesome and I have a funny feeling that the kids will absolutely love it as long as you’re comfortable with them playing on your precious iPad.

The Crayola Trace & Draw is both protective case and art table in one, custom-built for use with the free Trace & Draw app. With it loaded on your iPad 2, Trace & Draw serves up more than 35 different things to draw, along with fun animations and activities. Just slide a piece of paper into Trace & Draw’s clipboard frame, launch the app, and your children are off in search of their inner artist.


Hot Wheels RC Nitro Speeders

If your little one has a need for speed, these little Hot Wheels deliver!

Be ready to race anytime, anywhere with the RC Nitro Speeders from Hot Wheels. This fully functioning RC vehicle delivers fantastic, agile performance while being small enough to fit into your pocket. At a scale speed of 0 to 600 miles per hour in less than one second, the Nitro Speeders will make you a strong competitor wherever you go!

Price: $20
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Xploderz is basically like a paint gun but instead of paint you use water pellets. The guns use pump power making it also less painful to be on the receiving end of a shot. If you have some time check out their great video below.

Xploderz, a new firing system that will change the way you shoot forever! With more distance and more ammo, Xploderz blasters boast a patented firing and ammo system using hydrated rounds that burst on impact. Xploderz blasters carry almost 70 rounds of ammo which you can reload in seconds. With H2Grow Ammo Technology you have the power to create hundreds of rounds of ammo simply by adding water. Xploderz XStormer shoots up to 75 feet.

Price: $25
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If you’re still looking for cool toys, Here is a list of the other coolest toys of the year:


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