Anti-SOPA Plug-ins Let You Prepare for the Worst

While the SOPA legislation is worrying to say the least, there are a couple of Firefox workarounds that will allow you to visit the sites you want to see regardless of whether big brother believes you should be there or not.

The first, DeSopa, allows users to bypass a US-based DNS restrictions and access a site through foreign DNS servers using the target site’s IP address.

The second, the provocatively titled “The Pirate Bay Dancing”, is a little more robust. When activated, “the Firefox add-on undoes local DNS and IP blocks by routing users through a series of randomly picked proxies.” The add-on doesn’t just let US-based users get to The Pirate Bay, it is an effective workaround for the block on BT Junkie, which is in placed in the UK and Italy and it is said to get past Chinese Internet restrictions.

Downloads [via Mozilla] Desopa; The Pirate Bay Dancing.

[Torrent Freak]


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