Smartphone medical diagnosis coming soon to your pocket

A team of South Korean scientists, with the help of some government funding, have been working on an app, that will use the specific capacitative sensitivity of the phone’s touchscreens to diagnose some diseases by using a single droplet of blood, saliva or other, as yet, unspecified secretions.

The team, at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology said that when its technology is commercialised, it will cause a revolution in diagnostic medicine around the world. They also predict an accuracy rate of close to 100%.

From what I gather, regular phones won’t need any modifications but in some cases, an extra layer of a special film will have to be applied to a specific area of the screen, and bridged with the droplet of goo.

We can already imagine that blood-glucose tests for diabetics as well as blood-alcohol detectors for police or domestic use might be on their way. Scarier though is the inevitable pregnancy test where women will be asked to “pee here.”



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