Vader Burger Looks Unnaturally Awesome

To celebrate the impending release of Star Wars Episode 1, French fast food chain Quick is releasing two hamburgers, a boring-ass Jedi Burger, and a Darth Vader burger that comes with a black bun.

On the surface, it does seem kind of odd making a Darth Vader burger for celebrate The Phantom Menace: he was, after all, just a cute but annoying kid at the time – seriously, if Jar Jar hadn’t been so much worse we would have all been complaining about little Aniken Skywalker. At any rate, that is why it make sense. The good folks at Quick (or at least the good folks that design their promotional campaigns) are reminding us that – if you can sustain 2.9 episodes of torture – you get to see Haydn Christiansen punished for his wooden acting. [Geekosystem]


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