This Men in Black Memory Erasing Pen Is All About Form, Not About Function

This 1:1 scale replica of the Neuralyzer in Men in Black II looks the part. Sadly, it costs a lot of money. You are going to have to seriously, seriously love Men in Black to get yourself one of these.

That got me wondering, does anyone actually like Men in Black that much. I won’t lie to you, I thought it was okay. Okay as in, I might watch it again, maybe even twice, and I might watch it with my kid. Okay makes money at the box office, but doesn’t sell too many $400 props. Maybe it’s a generational thing.

From Entertainment Earth:

The “flashy thing,” more commonly known as the Neuralyzer, can now be yours! This highly detailed Men In Black II Neuralyzer 1:1 Scale Prop Replica will make a great addition to any Men in Black collection. A limited edition of 1,000 pieces, it includes a numbered plaque, prop story booklet, display stand, and acrylic cover. To prevent erasing you own memory, remember: “Months, days, hours. Always face it forward!”

If they’d stuck a high quality fountain pen or mechanical pencil mechanism in there somewhere, it might be an easier sell — but I could be wrong.

Price: $399 [Chip Chick]


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