Dropcam- HD Quality Home Monitoring

If you have been thinking about home security recently, allow me to show you something that will put any security company’s online video monitoring to shame.  Where as some companies give you the option of setting up a camera so that you can monitor your house online or via your smartphone with a grainy picture, Dropcam allows you to do the same but with a 720 HD quality feed.   This Wi-Fi camera is simple to set up and has all the bells and whistles you could ask for in a monitoring system, without any nonsensical features.   You can view your home, business, clubhouse, or secret underground juke joint live in your web browser or through an app for your iPhone or Android,  be it day time or at night with use of the automatic night vision.  The Dropcam system also allows for multiple camera usage, and has two-way audio which allows you to set one up in the baby’s room and say things like “It’s ok, honey, Daddy just went to grab some beer and will be back in an hour or two.  Just go back to sleep.”   If you want to record the footage, Dropcam allows for cloud storage charging $10 for 7 days and $30 for 30 days, and you can even make your footage public if you really want to take your social networking to the next level.  The cameras go for $149 and are available through the company’s website.


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