How Much Do You Spend Per Lightbulb Over 20 Years? $60 You Say? Then Here’s Your New Bulb!

Figuring that I moved into my first apartment in Sophomore year of college, I guess you could say that I’m in year 17 of buying my own light bulbs.  And when I really think about the money I have invested to literally light up my life, I can’t say that any significant figures come to mind.  Tack on 3 more years and I’d say I will have spent a total of….oh I don’t know…$100 total on light bulbs.  So why in the name of everything that is holy would I drop $60 on one single bulb?  Because it lasts 20 years?  What about the other 20 or so light bulbs I’ll need for the house?  Ok It’s an LED, and only uses 10 watts while giving off the light of a normal 60, but the whole lasting 20 year thing is based on 4 hours of usage a day and what if you use more than that?  Someone thought it was a fantastic idea because the bulb won the coveted L-prize worth $10 million in government money, and now it hits the shelves starting this Sunday aka Earth Day aka the day you started paying a dollar per watt for your light bulbs because Phillips claims you won’t have to replace it until your 10 month old is halfway done with college.  You can read the fancy ad jargon on Phillip’s official site.



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