Macintosh iPhone Case- Because Nostalgia is Funny

With iPhone cases available in subway stations, convenience stores, and probably in those claw games where you try and pick up the stuffed animals, there would really have to be something cool about one for me to want to post it.  

Ok, maybe this one will only seem entertaining for the amount of time it will take me to finish this, click a few category boxes, enter a few “tags” and hit submit, but dammit I’m going to revel in these next 5-7 minutes.  The Retro iPhone case reminds us gen X-ers where the whole Apple craze started, giving it that old school look that has become oh so ironic in this day and age, while teaching the 25 and under crowd that they’ll never be true OG’s like us old people.  The case takes on the 1987 Mac look, complete with Rainbow logo, ADB, SCSI and stereo earphone ports. Like most licensed Apple products things associated with Apple, this case carries a pricetag that could probably be lower, but if you have a bit of an infatuation with the most mobile of all your Apple products like I do, (*ducks* ) then you’ll buy it anything that makes it look cooler, even if it’s only to you.  Compatible with the 4 and 4s, you can grab one of these here for $44.95 plus shipping and handling. PS- I still think it’s cool right now.



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