Retro Bobby- Will Work for Toys

In the land of Copenhagen, lives a man-child named Bobby Agren, better known as Retro Bobby. Bobby loves toys, video games, creepy facial hair, ironic thrift store sweaters, and making your hair look fabulous. I know, none of this makes much sense, but doesn’t that make this video seem all the more interesting? Bobby and his friend Ruben own and operate a salon/trading post of sorts, where you can trade Gameboys for pompadours, and Atari 2600 joysticks for Caesar cuts with a temple-tapers. Oh, and you can buy stuff too. Check out the Retro Bobby narrated retro toyfest above and enjoy. And if you’re ever in Copenhagen go check out Ruben & Bobby. I just suggest you leave your children at home. You are free to interpret that last sentence any way you choose.



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