The Best Walk-in Beer Refrigerator You Will See All Day [Beer Cave]

If you have plenty of money and not enough refrigerator space for all of your beer, you might want to check out the BrewCave. This refrigerated monstrosity is constructed from metal-skinned panels with 4″ insulation cores and can store up to 30 cases and four kegs of beer. Cooling comes by way of a 3/4hp refrigeration system that is designed to keep the temperature down to a pleasant 32°F.

I remember when I got my first beer fridge. I was living alone at the time and my regular refrigerator was too small to handle my needs. Anyway, I noticed that the small family-run electronics store that was going out of business around the corner from my house was getting ready to dump their display models – I was in the right place at the right time. Anyway, I set it up and added about $20 to my monthly electricity bill – a small price to pay for having cold beer within arm’s reach of my bed. I’m guessing that this would cost more than $20 a month to run.

Price: $6,349 (USD); an insulated steel floor is another $400. Plus, if you want to keep it under warranty, you will need a suitably qualified refrigeration contractor to install the cooling system – which will probably set you back another grand or two – a small price to pay for invoking the envy of all of your frenimies when you post the pictures on Facebook. [Source]


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