The Day Laser Pointers Died

Leave it to the good folks over at Apple to help in the fight of making every gadget that’s not an iPhone obsolete.  Though most of us probably don’t lead many boardroom presentations (not sure why I’m making that assumption), my understanding is that laser pointers are still very much the standard in speech-givings.  But if you have an iPhone the days of having to remember to pack your laser pointer are now over.  The Smart Dot Laser Pointer by Tangram allows iPhoners to convert their handhelds into visual presentation tools, both physical and virtual.  The other advantage to the Smart Dot is that it doesn’t require any extra batteries, so you’ll never have to worry about the thing failing you mid pie chart.  The headphone jack is used as a port and the available app  allows you to control it from the phone.  These are currently being sold in Korea for about $45, and should be available stateside sooner than later.  If I can find myself an important job- I’m in!





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