MacBook Pro Mini-Dock is a Great Idea But May Be Poorly Timed

The sleek-looking mini-dock that you see above is currently up for funding on Kickstarter. It looks like it would do a great job of cleaning up the cable mess for people who use their laptop on their desk.

The interestingly named W1PPS connects all of the ports on the left-hand side of your 15” MacBook Pro (except for the Thunderbolt port and the headphone port) and sticks it on the floor, or wherever you choose to place the other end of the dongle. The headphone port is moved to the front of the hub – where it can be accessed more conveniently.

The idea is great, but the startup cost is pretty high and you have to wonder how many takers there are going to be when a new MacBook Pro, one that might have a port layout that is completely different, should be hitting the market sooner rather than later.

Price: $98 worth of funding gets you a W1PPS (assuming that the folks at Veritas Forge meet their funding target of $115,000). [Source]


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