Heated Butter Knife Cuts Through Butter Like a Hot Knife Through Butter [Uberkitchen]

A UK baking company has designed a butter knife with a heating element built into the blade.

From a flavor perspective, butter is vastly superior to margarine and anyone who disagrees with me is ignorant – offensively so. The thing about butter is that it is kind of a pain in the ass to spread.

You can leave it out overnight, but in the middle of summer that is liable to land you with a gooey yellow mess by morning. The other solution is a water crock. You leave the butter out on the counter and the water in the crock creates a seal. Le Creuset makes one and they aren’t too expensive, the problem is that you need to periodically change the water.

With the help of two AA batteries, the Toastie Knife heats up to 107.2 degrees Fahrenheit (41.8 degrees Celsius), the folks at Warburtons claim the process takes around 30 seconds. From there you can spread cold butter without making a mess of your bread.

A battery-powered butter knife makes so much sense that you have to wonder why nobody thought of it before. Kudos to Warburtons for getting there first… let’s just hope they ship globally.



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