SpnKix Motorized Electric Skates Are Cool, Weird Looking, and Prevent Having to Walk

Anything that helps me to avoid burning the calories that I worked so hard to ingest is something worth exploring.  Anything that gets me from place to place faster than my own natural walking ability peeks my interest even more.  Something that does both of these things while making me look totally weird, while making my feet look like a character from Halo 3, is worth sharing with the world.  SpnKix are motorized electric skates strap right on to your shoes and allow you to coast along effortlessly at a speed of up to 8 mph, for up to 5 or 6 miles.  Each skate packs an 80-watt motor that’s housed in a fiber-reinforced nylon frame, making them tough and durable.  The tires are 6″ in diameter, and a hand-held wireless remote  the throttle.  To stop, all you do is let go of the throttle or simply lean back on the heel stopper like you would a normal pair of skates.  If you’re interested in checking these out, you can click here and get yourself a pair and/or explore further details.  Travel safe, friends. 



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