The Stormtrooper Head Lawn Chair You Were Looking For

Legend has it that this stormtrooper head lawn chair was created by a brother of a friend of a guy who reads Geekologie, or something like that anyway. While we are not in any position to verify the chain of custody for the photographs of this awesome wood project, we can tell you that it looks awesome.

Want one, too bad – from the looks of this Facebook post it seems that along with all the great publicity, the folks at the GotWood Workshop have gotten a little spooked:

Unfortunately for the time being and until further legal avenues are explored, we can only accept designs that have been done by the individual requesting them and do not infringe on any copyright laws. We did not expect the response the storm trooper chair got and although it is much appreciated, we cannot replicate and sell them. The chairs pictured were test projects and for personal use only (not for sale) at B.B.Q.’s on the seldom sunny day we have!! Sorry!!! Feel free to send in your own designs though and we’d be happy to respond with quotes. Thanks.



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