Track Down Your Missing Keys Via Bluetooth [Hone]

The Hone is the most interesting Kickstarter project I have seen in a while, mostly because I have a terrible time keeping track of my keys. It is a Bluetooth-enabled keyring that pairs with your iPhone 4S or iPad 3 (or any other iOS device that supports Bluetooth 4) that lets you locate your keys from a distance of up to 150 feet. The battery lasts for around six months.

The application lets you do two things: firstly you can press a button to make the the keyring emit a sound; and secondly, it can help direct you to your keys via perceived signal strength. So if you know where they are, press the button and you get to know which pile of dirty clothes to start digging through. If you don’t know where you left them, you track them to their general location via signal strength and then press the button so that you can hear exactly where they are – great for messy people who can’t keep track of their things, or for people with vision problems.

It is a great idea, but how much more work would it have been to include some Android compatibility?

It his on Kickstarter at the moment and is already well on the way to hitting its funding goal.

Price: $49 while it is on Kickstarter [Source]


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