Lenovo does bad with final ICS release, and are one-upped by Cyanogenmod 10

Lenovo, better known for their incredibly inexpensive hardware, have recently released an official Ice Cream Sandwich build for their K1 Android pad. The much requested and several times delayed -it came over two months late- update though, requires a full memory wipe of the K1, and does not include the necessary Google Apps including Google Play Store, Gmail, etc.

Also, did I mention that in the same release statement, Lenovo declared the K1 as an end of life product meaning that once the warranty period is over, you’re on your own. As the owner of two such tablets I’m both delighted by the ICS update and saddened by the EOL announcement.

The deal though is partly sweet because with the update also come the keys to the machine.

You’ve read that right, the update can be used to root your Ideapad so if you’re smart and know how, run over to the Cyanogenmod community, download the beta release of Cyanogenmod 10 (Jelly Bean!) customized for the K1 and install it, then install the Google Apps and voila, the K1 is now full of Jelly Bean flavoured goodness.

Having been playing around with mine on CM10 since Monday I can say without shame that it breathes new life in a tremendously undersupported tablet. The interface is much snappier and smoother, the addition of Chrome renders the Internet usable and the overall experience is much improved.



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