Belkin WeMo Switch Helps Guarantee that the Iron Is Off

My wife has never left her hair-straightening iron on once, yet she’s pretty paranoid that she did every single time she leaves the house and I’m not exactly sure why. But she does have an iPhone, and I have a penchant for finding cool things online and at least $50 in my bank account. What that means is that it’s time to solve this little quandary with Belkin’s WeMo Switch. This app-controlled device works with your home’s wi-fi to give your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch the ability to turn on or off anything that plugs in. The app also allows for you to schedule devices on or off time, and because the switches are modular, you can use as many at a time as you would like. Imagine the possibilities! You can get yourself one or a few of these here for about $50 a piece.



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