Car Key-Sized Night Vision Spy Cam is the Future in Catching Raccoons Knocking Over Your Trashcans

Whatever happens at night, it’s fair to say you always know who or what is the culprit. Whether it’s the neighbor’s stupid cat, the stupid teenager from up the street, or that weirdo around the corner with all of the old newspapers in his car. But what’s an accusation with no proof? And furthermore, how can you get proof if night vision technology costs so damn much to purchase. Well now all your troubles are over with this new Infrared Night Vision HD Spy Cam Car Key.  The faux VW-looking key fob offers 8 GB of built-in memory and records in 1080p high def.  The camera features automatic motion-activated recording mode, a video/photo and audio recording function  electronic shutter control, low power consumption, and offers very reasonable recording time, with a built-in rechargable battery.  Don’t believe it’s awesome?  Check out the video below, then get yourself one here for $57.99.



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