iLP Digital Conversion Turntable Allows You to go Old School and New School

I am a stone-cold music lover. And though I am not a purist to the point of shunning technology, I do agree that for better or for worse, nothing compares to the sound of vinyl. But who the hell even owns a turntable anymore? And if you do have one, how awesome would it be to transfer that vinyl sound to your iWhatever so that you could take it with you where ever you go? I’d say pretty awesome. That’s where the iLP comes in.  This fully functioning record player features a dock that accommodates an iAnything, allowing for digital conversion of all your favorite albums.  Want to use it as an old school turntable as well?  No problemo.  The machine is equipped with RCA jacks that let you connect it to your old stereo like you’ve always done.  If converting to a computer is your preference, there are also USB ports for just that.  What’s better- it only costs 100 beans.  Get yourself one here, Cat Daddy.



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