Tabeo, A Children’s Tablet

After having spent the week wondering if there was any truth behind a story coming out of the French media, which claims that 51% of Americans think that the weather has an effect on cloud computing, I’ve stumbled across something even more grotesque: A tablet designed for children.

Sure, you might argue that ALL tablets are designed for children, after all what can you do with a tablet? Browse the web? Play Angry Birds? Watch movies and read on the go? Guess who else likes to watch Charlie Waffles on the go. Children! But do you really want to hand your 700$ iPad 64Gb to your toddler?

To which you’ll likely reply: “No way! You give YOUR tablet to my toddler.”

Forget it. I don’t want to give my 400$ Android pad to your toddler either so with that thought, I found that Toys’R’Us are preparing to deploy a children’s tablet on us. The Tabeo 7″ tablet looks bright only in its color though because the specs are abysmal. 1Ghz single-core processor, 4Gb storage?¬†And then there’s the problem of the Micro SD slot. Let’s say you stick a Micro SD card in there to achieve a decent storage level, and that your toddler manages to retrieve it, will it be swallowed? Also Tabeo? Really? Is it made in Brazil? Is it slobber-proof?

That price to spec ratio is even more hilarious. The Tabeo costs $150. You can have a Google Nexus 7 with a quad-core processor and 8Gb storage for $50 more. You can then install Kids Place and voila! A children’s tablet and I’m willing to bet it will be better built too!

Launch date is October 31st which makes me wonder, shouldn’t it be orange and shaped like a pumpkin?



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