Can Your Screen Protector Stop a Bullet? [ClearPlex]

There once was a time when rugged gadgets cost a small fortune – now, you can make just about anything rugged (as long as it has an “i” in front of its name). ClearPlex screen protectors up the ante a little bit by offering low-level ballistic protection. This video shows an iPhone 5 being shot in the screen with a small caliber revolver and emerging none the worse for wear thanks to a $15 piece of plastic.

Personally, I am a huge fan of making my mobile devices way tougher than they need to be. Every phone that I have owned has been unceremoniously trashed within a year of purchase, but as they have gone from being stupid to smart, they have also gone from being easily affordable to really expensive – so sticking your phone in a bit of Mil-Spec plastic and silicon and slapping on a bulletproof screen protector is starting to make a lot more sense.

Price: $14 [Source]


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