Lego Batcave Will Blow Your Mind

The Batcave that you see in the image above and the gallery below is the work of Carlyle Livingston II and Wayne Hussey.

Some interesting facts: it contains more than 20,000 parts, took nearly six months to build and cost each man approximately 400 hours of his life. The model contains four motors; the functions of which are all made clear by the three videos that we have been Carlyle and Hussey were kind enough to shoot.

The pair did amazing work. Here’s what they had to say on the project:

This project marks the first collaborative build between Carlyle and Wayne, with several more queued for future development. The features of this build include the Cave itself with what we think is the most “cave-ish” cave ever constructed. Added to that we have an operating turntable for the Batmobile, a moving costume/weapons selection wall and the BatPlane Lift. Surrounding all of this is the remarkable lighting effects that bring our BatCave to life.

We can’t wait to see what they do next.



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