Put…the Phones…Down……………Briefly

After a long day of working, parenting, cleaning, etc, the only thing my wife and I want to do is shut our brains off.  Unfortunately that almost always involves our cell phones, and a fair amount of silence instead of “How was your day?” chatter.  Even on date nights the phones find their way into our hands between conversation and courses.  And though it hasn’t had any damage on our relationship, it would probably be better if we maximized on the small amount of time we actually get to enjoy each other’s company, without distraction.  That said, it’s probably time to send the handhelds to prison.

Cell Lock-Up is a new mini jail for this exact purpose, complete with bars, and an uncomfortable bunkbed.  All you do is place your devices in their respective places and set the timer for however long you and the various members of your family need to go without checking email, texting, or checking one or all of the social media sites du jour.  If someone tries to break in early, an alarm goes off, letting the rest of you know who the e-fiend of the bunch is.    And when the sentence is up, one of a number of phrases ring out such as “YOU ARE NOW FREE TO PHONE!” “IT’S TIME TO REJOIN DIGITAL SOCIETY!” and “JUSTICE IS SERVED…POWER UP!”  Corny?  Perhaps.  But how else can you ensure you don’t become a 4-top table of hunchback internet zombies?  All you need is 2 AA batteries and $20.  Pick one up here.



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