170$ Flashlight is not powered by batteries, uses ultracapacitors

The new 5.11 Light for Life flashlight made by Tactical is deemed revolutionary for three reasons. Firstly the company claims it’s the last flashlight you will ever buy, secondly because it’s not powered by batteries but instead uses ultracapacitors that are phenomenally quick to charge, and slow to discharge. The flashlight charges in 90 seconds and lasts almost two hours!

Tactical claim that the unit can recharge 50.000 times before any degradation is noticed so supposing you were to continuously recharge it and leave it on constantly, it would last you slightly more than 135 years assuming the Earth is still here after December 21st.

The third reason? Well, this might well be the most expensive non decorative and non military, pocket flashlight ever sold for it costs a whopping 170US$.



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