AccordFolio Prevents The Question: Are You Sure You Packed The Charger?


With the holidays come travel, and with travel comes packing. And because you read this site, chances are you’d sooner leave your child at home accidentally than your smartphone, charger, headphones, and all the other essentials. Most of us just throw these things in our suitcases or carry-ons, but often that leads to digging and frustration. But now there’s a smart way to pack all of your handheld accoutrements, and it’s called the Tunewear AccordFolio Case.  The wallet-like item is made from faux-leather making it durable, and perfect for throwing into your luggage thoughtlessly.  You can get one in brown or black, and it’s compatible with all devices that are 147 cm long…sorry Galaxy Note users…but you should be used to being left out of things anyway…..weirdos (joking, I love everyone).  Pick one up here for $27.95.



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