Christmas Dinner in a Can

If you want to make your Christmas 2013 dinner stand out, you could try setting the bar really low this year. One way to do that would be to place a couple cans of canned Christmas dinner in front of your family members and/or assembled guests.

When it’s time for your festive feast, simply remove the rubber cap, pierce the holes, open the insulated can and try not to drool on yourself as a totally safe exothermic reaction heats up your Christmas chow in about 12 minutes. We’ve heard of convenience food but this is ridiculous. Mmm…Turkey casserole with all the trimmings.

If it sounds awful, it is worth pointing out that it is designed for people who spend a good deal of time in the great outdoors – and comes in flavors other than Christmas Dinner.

Price: $9.59 [Source]


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