Cool Toys 2012

Cool Toys 2012

It is that time of year again, the time that we take the plastic out of the wallet and submit to the orgy of consumerism that is the holiday season. Sure, you could cop out and stick a couple of notes in a card, or you could take a few minutes to read through UberReview’s Cool Toys of 2012 and pick out something a little bit special.

Crayola Light Designer

 Cool toy Crayola Light Designer

Whether your child is gifted artistically or if you just indulge them and pretend that they are, the Crayola Digital Light Designer should provide a good deal of fun – without the risk of having your walls and furniture marked up by your overzealous little artist.

The Crayola Digital Light Designer lets children express their artistic side, without the mess of traditional pens. The round dome responds to the touch of a stylus to display up to seven colors, providing unlimited imaginative fun. Kids can make their drawings move with animation options or even create short movies by combining drawings. The dome also features eight engaging activities and games to keep kids entertained.

Price: $49

The iPhone Controlled Ball Dropping Bomber

iPhone Controlled Ball Dropping Bomber

The iPhone Controlled Ball Dropping Bomber is fun for all ages. What is not to love about piloting a tiny drone and dropping ping pong balls on your enemies? Aside from the hours of entertainment that it provides, you can feel confident that you will have successfully prepared your nephew, niece, son or daughter to fly the drones instead of being chased by them.

This is the flying vehicle that drops a table tennis ball at the command of a controlling iPhone. A free downloaded app turns an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch into a wireless touchscreen remote control, allowing indoor or outdoor use up to 30′ away. The app uses the motion-sensing accelerometers built into smart devices to allow the simple tilt and pan of an iPhone or iPad to precisely control the bomber’s movements, accompanied by a direction and speed indicator; a swipe of a finger controls the throttle and a press of a button releases its plastic ordnance on-target. Its two contra-rotating coaxial main rotors keep the bomber balanced and its rechargeable battery provides five-minute flight times from a 60-minute charge using the included USB charging cable. Compatible with iPhone 3GS or higher, any iPad, or any iPod 3G or higher.

Price: $129

The Wall Mounted Marble Roller Coaster

Wall Mounted Marble Roller Coaster

Marble roller coasters are good and everything but unless you have an enormous house, sooner or later most of them will end up being in the way. Mounting said roller coaster on the wall, will keep your floors uncluttered and preserve your sanity.

This is the wall-mounted marble roller coaster kit that allows children to design and build a vertical track that sends marbles on exhilarating, sheer descents. The 98 different track pieces stick to a wall at any angle and in any sequence with the included reusable poster putty, allowing countless configurations without marring surfaces. The 27 1/2′ of track includes fast-paced straightaways, stairs, and loops that send the 10 included marbles jumping, twisting, and ricocheting in directions and at speeds limited only by the architect’s imagination and the force of gravity. The ten included flexible tubes bend to any angle for forming hairpin turns, steep drops, or rapid declines that foster speedy descents. The customizable set helps children hone motor skills, spatial reasoning, and planning skills while watching the basic laws of physics and gravity in action. Up to 16′ L. Ages 5 and up. (3 lbs.)

Price: $79.95

The Stay Out Of My Room Alarm

Stay Out Of My Room Alarm

Too much sibling rivalry in your house? You could try to combat it, spend buckets of time and money paying for family counseling – thereby making your kids resent you even more… or you could give them the tools they need to take their game to the next level. The Stay Out of My Room Alarm would be a good way to start.

This is the wrist cuff that warns of a room invasion by nosy siblings. Two 2 1/2″ diam. x 1/2″ D motion sensors placed surreptitiously to avoid detection pick up the opening of a door, the approach to a treehouse ladder, or the ascent of a stairway, sending a wireless signal up to 100′ away to the wrist cuff that alerts the wearer that infiltration is afoot. The wrist cuff has two separate displays that correspond to each sensor and flash red when either or both are triggered by remote movement, accompanied by an alarm sound or silence during stakeouts. Requires six AAA batteries. (3 oz.)

Price: $40

Ravensburger Augmented Reality Puzzle

Ravensburger Augmented  Reality Puzzle

Ravensburger Augmented Reality Puzzles are an interesting concept. Price-wise, the puzzles cost about the same amount as a regular old-fashioned jigsaw puzzle – but when you piece them together and point an iDevice running a free Ravensburger app at them, they come to life.

Ravensburger’s ground-breaking Augmented Reality technology makes your puzzle come to life. Download the free AR Puzzle app from the App Store that utilizes the camera function of the iPhone or iPad versions 2 and 3 to animate the scene. Experience a totally new visual reality and reveal audio details, sound effects and factual information. It’s a fun look-&-find challenge as you “go fishing” for a variety of deep-sea inhabitants swimming by.

Price: $19

The Human Bowling Ball

Human Bowling Ball

The old bowling mantra of “be the ball” is good and everything, but once the ball leaves your hand, it’s on its own. With The Human Bowling Ball, you actually become the ball. What is not to love about running around inside a giant PVC ball trying to knock down 5-foot-tall pins?

This is the inflatable bowling game that challenges players to assume the “roll” of the ball in knocking down a set of pins. The transparent PVC ball is inflated to its full 7′ diameter with the included blower—a zipper cinches the ball closed yet opens quickly to allow egress and quick entry for another player. A player simply runs forward inside the ball, generating momentum to knock over six 5′-tall foam pins that yield easily at the point of collision. An included stationary air blower keeps the 3′-high lane boundary constantly inflated to an optimal firmness to keep careening bowlers within the lane’s confines. Four stakes firmly secure the lane to the ground. Its rip- and tear-resistant vinyl construction withstands years of play, and resists mold and fading. Ages 5 and up. Inflated: 40′ L x 17′ W x 3″ H. (280 lbs.)

ONLY $4500

K’NEX Atomic Coaster

Knex Atomic Coaster

When K’NEX first came out, I used to think that it was Lego’s poorer cousin – now, after seeing what people can do with the stuff, I see the error of my ways. The K’nex Atomic Coaster is a great gift for anyone who likes to play with stuff that takes hours to make and minutes to destroy… and with 1,255 pieces, it will take hours to build (something to keep in mind if you will be making it for little Johnny).

Create your own thrilling roller coaster at home with the K’NEX Atomic Coaster. Standing four feet tall when constructed, this 1,255-piece kit features a motorized chain lift, color-coded building materials, two racing cars, and twisting, turning tracks. The Atomic Coaster combines the rewarding stimulation of building with the thrill of racing and motor power. After you’ve conquered the Atomic Coaster, its pieces can be reassembled to make another exciting ride called the Proton Plunge.


Barbie Photo Fashion Doll

Barbie Photo Fashion Doll

Remember the days when kids bought clothes for their dolls? Now you can alter them digitally. The Barbie Photo Fashion Doll comes with a digital camera – which is used to capture images that will be placed below Barbie’s now-more-anatomically-correct bosom.

A digital camera and fashion doll in one! Now girls can customize Barbie doll’s graphic t-shirt with pictures they take — using the lens built right into the doll!

Price: $49

Rockboard descender

Rockboard descender
I ride a longboard and love it well, but having to stick to road is something of a limitation. The Rockboard Descender comes with tracks, that let you roll down virtually any surface – including surfaces that hurt a lot less than asphalt.

Our new all-terrain board is outfitted with heavy rollers on tough-as-nails treads that grip just about any downhill surface you choose to attempt: pavement, grass, wooded paths, snowy hills, and more. No need to wait for a sunny day or a smooth sidewalk.

Price: $120

Air Hogs – Battle Tracker with Yellow Disc Firing Helicopter

Air Hogs - Battle Tracker with Yellow Disc Firing Helicopter

RC helicopters are fun and everything, but once you have nailed the ins and outs of flying them around your house, they start to get a little bit boring. The Air Hogs add guns to the mix – which should keep things interesting for a little longer.

The all-new Air Hogs Battle Tracker delivers head-to-head interactive combat. Take command of the Disc-Launching Helicopter as the A.R.T (Automated Robotic Turret) tracks your every move. Enter the heat of battle with both single and multiplayer modes: Single Player: Auto Mode. Take control of the heli and launch disks at the A.R.T antenna. But, beware. A.R.T tracks your every move while releasing a devastating payload of missiles. Don’t underestimate the advanced intelligence tracking system as you go head-to-head in battle. 2-Player: Manual Mode. Easily switch to manual mode using the A.R.T remote control. Face-off against friends and see who will be victorious. Switch roles as you control 2 different advanced weapon systems and discover each of their advantages. Other Modes: Both the A.R.T and Disk Shooting Helicopter can be controlled independently. Battle them against other Air Hogs vehicles and become the ultimate battle-ready sharpshooter. Disk Launching Helicopter: Launch your way to victory with the high-powered disk launching heli. The resilient hard-plastic body is armored to withstand all combat scenarios. Steady-Fly Technology software detects flight instability and auto adjusts rotor systems delivering superior, stable flight. The advanced disk release system lets you launch your payload in rapid or single bursts. Automated Robotic Turret: The A.R.T is a state-of-the-art robot built with auto tracking technology and lock-on sequencing. It intelligently tracks and monitors flight patterns of the Disk Launching Helicopter and locks-on for fatal shots. The advanced missile load and release system launches missiles with precision and speed to challenge even the greatest of Air Hogs Pilots. Its built in sensor intelligence responds to disk impacts and recognizes when its been defeated. But don’t expect and easy battle as the robotic voice analyzes and speaks during battle to distract its opponents.

Price: $105

NERF Lazer Tag

Nerf lazer tag

Laser Tag was always a great idea that was poorly delivered. By adding iDevices to the mix, By bringing an iPhone / iPod Touch into the mix Nerf makes things a lot more interesting – as long as you don’t mind your kids playing with your phone.

LAZER TAG blasters bring video game action to life. Just add your iPhone or iPod touch (device not included) to LAZER TAG blasters and you’ll turn any environment into an intense laser combat battleground. With the LAZER TAG game you can battle with your friends for ultimate combat domination, or blast your way through an alien invasion.

Price: $75

If you’re still looking for cool toys, Here is a list of the other coolest toys of the year:


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