EcoXPower is a Smartphone/GPS Car Charger for your Bike

You shouldn’t have a dead cellphone and/or not possess the ability to plug in and use your GPS just because you’re “Green,”…or broke. That’s right, bike people, your worries are over with the new ECOXPOWER Smartphone GPS Dynamo Charging System and Bicycle Light. This amazing new device will charge your smartphone or GPS (people still use those?), while you save gas and peddle your cute little 10-speed to work everyday. It works by utilizing the force of the turning wheel, while connected to the fork of your bicycle, as long as you’re going at least 3 mph! It’s like a detachable cigarette lighter jack thing. Pretty sweet, provided you don’t drive. Get yourself one here for $89, just don’t try and purchase it while riding…or driving…or walking…and especially not when walking down steps. Have you ever tried that? It’s impossible! Have a lovely day.



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