How to Mark All Emails As Read on Your iPhone

I recently switched from an aging Android second-generation to the iPhone 5, and while I am happy with the move – there is one thing that bugs me about it… the mail situation. Gmail for Android allows you to have multiple accounts and does a very good job of letting you manage them directly from your mobile device. Apple on the other hand, doesn’t. This becomes a problem when you get more emails than you can ever possibly read or answer.

I have done all kinds of things to keep my email load manageable, but my inbox still gets flooded each and every day. First and foremost, there are the hundreds of notifications from Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, Twitter, etc. While it would be nice to just filter them out of my life, they are actually nice to get – but I can learn everything I need to know from the preview and don’t actually have to read them. So I end up with crazy unread counts. That is something that never bothered me enough to take action until I had to see them on my home screen every day. Thus I found myself searching for a solution, which I found on LifeHacker. The trick, which exploits a minor bug in the Mail app, was first posted by Redditor nmpraveen:

1. Open up the Mail app and tap the Edit button.
2. Select one message.
3. Press and hold the Mark button at the bottom of the screen.
4. While still pressing and holding the Mark button, tap the email you previously selected to unmark it.
5. Release the Mark button.
6. Tap the Mark as Read button.



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