LaCie CloudBox Lets You Own The Cloud

I can’t lie to you all- just because I write for a techy site doesn’t mean I’m somehow ahead of the curve when it comes to technological advances.  Sure, my wife and I have all but tattooed the Apple logo on our respective faces, but when it comes to the “Cloud” party, we’re running fashionably late.

You see, I’m Jewish, meaning I’m genetically prone to worrying, meaning I am physically incapable of not thinking “Yeah, but what if?”  And that being said, how can I feel comfortable backing up all of my cool and memorable sh*t in an imaginary place, and feel totally comfortable that it will be there until infinity?  Is it so wrong of me to think about a time in 20 years when my son will laugh at me over his first legal alcoholic beverage and say “Did you actually buy into that ‘Cloud’ nonsense back in the day?”  It could definitely happen.

So now I run across a device that defines the midpoint between an external harddrive and the proverbial “Cloud.”  And it’s name is the  LaCie CloudBox.

The difference here is that you don’t have to plug the CloudBox into any of your devices in order to access it, but you’re also not sharing a cloud with the entire planet.  The sleek and futuristic looking gadget allows you to easily share files with your closest family and friends, access files from anywhere and on any device, all while keeping all of your (as I call it ) “Cool and memorable sh*t” safe while at home or on the go.

In the Cloud age, the idea of having to carry something around with you seems simply absurd.  But to those of us who have had a computer in their home less than half of their lives, this seems like a great gateway.  The LaCie Cloudbox is available in either 1, 2, or 3 TB option, has potentially the simplest installation in the history of….installations, and you can pick one up here.  Prices start at $120.




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