Mars rover Curiosity takes self-portrait from Mars. No duck-face.

We’ve all seen the self-portraits snapped (mostly) by teenage girls, of themselves either taken by holding the camera at arms length, or my personal favorite, in front of a mirror showing the camera itself, which is usually a smartphone, and sporting duck-lips. However seeing Mars robotic probe Curiosity do the same did take me a bit by surprise.

Essentially, at first I was all like, “Why would NASA spend valuable time by taking photos of the rover?” Consider that the amount of time Curiosity will remain functional is limited and that crews are working 24/7 on shifts in order to take advantage of all this available time. Then NASA responded by themselves with the most plausible answer ever, “Why not?” Indeed why not? It’s a perfectly legit way of checking to see if the robot is damaged, scuffed or otherwise dulled in any way.

At any rate, thank you once again NASA for all the nice photos. One day hopefully during my lifetime, we’ll see a human walk around Mars.



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