Pepsi Energy Cola, Now With More Vader [Taste Test]

While reeling from the news that George Lucas had just signed Lucasfilm over to Disney, I chanced upon a discovery at my local supermarket: Star Wars branded Pepsi Energy Cola. For those who do not know, Pepsi has a history of doing things a little differently in Japan – so I thought, why not? You only live once. Do I really want to go to my grave without sampling the results of Pepsi’s latest taste-making endeavor? It might have been the minimalistic Vader likeness on the can, or the cheesy “Give yourself to the dark side” line on the bottom of the can – but something told me that the best thing to do for all concerned was to hand over my 200 yen and try this stuff.

Big mistake! Pepsi Energy Cola is easily the most revolting beverage I have ever put into my mouth – and that is saying something. I swished the cloying black liquid around in my mouth and pondered the flavor: repugnant, with hints of grape. I am sure that something on the ingredients list, which includes (amongst other things) caffeine, arginine and royal jelly, did something for me – but whatever benefit was gained failed to make up for the pain of actually drinking the stuff.

To cut a long story short, it was to soft drinks what Episode 1 was to the Star Wars franchise – but kudos to George Lucas for making a quick buck before selling out to Disney.


About the author: C. S. Magor


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