Single-seat Electric Helicopter Would Make Commuting a Really Expensive Breeze

Japan’s Hirobo aims to release a small electric helicopter that can either be piloted remotely or flown by a human.

The HX-1 electric helicopter will be able to travel at speeds of 62 mph for up to 30 minutes – an ability for which purchasers will pay handsomely. At present, the company has poured some $125 million into the project. If all goes as planned, a prototype will be released sometime in 2013, with a production run taking place after all regulatory hurdles have been cleared – somewhere around 2021.

At this point, the HX-1 seems destined for rescue work. The idea being that the remotely piloted version could be used to search for people in distress, pick them up, and fly them to safety.

While we at UberReview are all for helping people who need to be helped, I have to say that being able to get to and from work in a matter of minutes would be the selling point for me. Seriously, the distance from my home to my office is roughly 11 km, which is just under 8 miles. On a good day, it takes me nearly 30 minutes to cover that distance by car – on a bad day it takes me closer to 45. How much better would it be to get there in less than 10?

The catch is, of course, the price. The unmanned version is set to cost 10,000,000 yen ($125,000), while the one-seater version should hit the market at around 30,000,000 yen ($375,000) – looks like we all have some saving to do.



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