Swiss+Tech 3$ tool from Dollarama makes a great but flawed stocking-stuffer

Dollarama have brought us several multi-tools in the recent past. Beginning with the all in one allen keys and going through the dozen imitations Swiss Army Knive tools. Most of them have been horrible suffering from either bendy metal, attachments that simply don’t work or break after the first time you use them.

This time though, they’ve gone beyond belief with the Swiss+Tech multi-tool with dual LED flashlight. For 3$ this multi utility tool features two different screw-driver types in three sizes all mounted on a handy collapsible assembly. I’m going to be brutally honest, I bought it because I thought it looked cool with its bright red and chrome assembly.

The multi-tool also includes an LED flashlight and what they call a “quick release keyring” which is flawed because it’s released automatically by simply opening the assembly to access the tools on it.


Once you’ve succesfully lost the keyring with all your house and car keys on it, in a foot of snow whilst standing outdoors in the dark however, you can use the flashlight on the tool to find your now wet keys.

Still though, for 3$ this tool feels sturdy and somehow comforting in its weight. Yes, it’s rather heavy which makes it slightly unsettling when in your pocket, but from what I could gather from the short while I’ve spent with it, it’s designed to be carried around in a backpack or purse rather than in your pocket.

Another perk is the fact that the dual LEDs on it kinda look like they’re going to electrocute you if you touch them, handing out many laughs as you prank your friends with it the first time you show it to them.

For all the aforementioned reasons, I deem this tool worthy of Christmas sock stuffer status for your favorite tecchie friend and bestow the grade of 7/10 to it.


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