Exhale Ceiling Fan Could Be the Bladeless Air Moving Contraption You Have Been Looking For

The bladeless Exhale fan uses inspiration from the one and only Nikola Tesla to provide a smooth, steady stream of air from the ceiling.

The Exhale is a bladeless laminar vortex cyclonic homogenizing ceiling fan – it works very differently to a standard bladed ceiling fan. The Exhale uses a principle called laminar flow it is able to evenly mix the air throughout an entire room. In contrast, a conventional ceiling fan buffets the area directly beneath it. To achieve this, it uses a stack of rapidly spinning discs to suck up the air and send it out through the sides of the fan – from where it travels around the room. In case you were wondering, Dyson’s bladeless fans don’t use laminar flow.

It certainly looks interesting, but I would love to see an LED light fixture mounted at the base of the fan – so that it could kill two birds with one stone. Incidentally, if it works as advertised it would be good in winter as well. By mixing the air to an even temperature it should do a pretty good job of eliminating cold spots – thereby making heating more efficient (regular ceiling fans help with that too by the way).

If you want one, head over to Indiegogo; the Exhale bladeless ceiling fan is currently sitting on about 20% of its $35,000 funding goal. With over a month to go, it looks like they should get there.
Price: It costs $250 in the funding stage; $500 if you prefer to wait.



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