Voice Chat Ski Goggles Allow Your Friends To Hear You Scream

I tried snowboarding once, and I swear the frustration had me so angry that I strongly considered burning down the ski lodge.  Good thing nobody heard me- good thing I wasn’t wearing these.

The Voice Chat Ski Goggles work with Bluetooth to allow for you and your snow buddies to chat it up while whizzing down the K12.  The bone conduction microphone transmits your shrieks of horror, while your choice of earphone lets you hear the rest of the crew chuckle.  When fully charged, the mask will give you 12 hours of talk time.  And if you’re just looking for some background music, you can connect these to your smartphone for easy access.  With a 1600 foot range and the ability to connect with 6 friends at once, winter sports will never be the same.  Get yourself a pair of these and a much more detailed description herefor $300.



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