Japanese company to sell cushioned car

Once again the auto industry is trying to make everyone into standard drone drivers, this time by releasing a car with exterior airbags designed to save pedestrians from life-threatening injuries. But how far is too far?

Hey I’m all for safety but this is beginning, and continuing to be ridiculous. Japanese company called Humanix is going to begin selling a cushioned electric car. Called the iSave -SC1 the full electric three seater looks more like something that would hatch from an egg that was accidentally fertilized by a golf cart and a Martha Stewart couch.

If there’s one thing we’ve all learned from automotive history, it’s that three wheeled vehicles don’t usually work very well. Humanix however have taken it two steps further by making it an electric powered, three wheeled, cushioned car. Designed to be driven as fast as a brisk 50km/h and to be recharged from a standard 110V electric plug, the car is completely shrouded in tent cloth which covers up several airbags all ready to deploy in case of impact with a pedestrian.

On the one hand, if you’re driving 50km/h and you hit a pedestrian, it better be:

A) An invisible pedestrian

B) A suicidal

C) That you were looking at something else than the road ahead in which case, you need to learn to drive, something no electric pillow on wheels will ever resolve for you.

The car will sell in November for 10.400US$, will take 8h to charge to a range of 30km, making it only slightly more practical than a healthy walk.



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