Stick-N-Find Bluetooth Stickers Help You Find Everything Except For Your Mind

With all of the things on our minds these days, chances are you’re inevitably going to lose something at some point. Though there is no defense for all of your worldly possessions, you can target some, and that’s where the Stick-n-Find Bluetooth Stickers come into play. All you do is stick these little suckers on all the usual suspects, (You know: keys, wallet, phone, flask), and with the use of an App. for your phone, you can track them up to 100 feet! The batteries in the stickers last for over a year, so if your life is such that you didn’t realize you lost your wallet a few months ago, you’re covered. Just don’t leave it somewhere else, because then you’re screwed. This project is in the “Give us funding so then you can give us more money to buy it” stages, so you can do your due diligence here, and check out the video below.



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